Energy Consultants (also known as energy brokers) work with energy suppliers and are associated mainly with the commercial energy market. They help businesses secure an energy deal that suits them.

Some energy Consultants offer their own additional services such as energy monitoring and control technologies, to help businesses control and reduce their energy consumption.

To help you find the best electricity, gas, water or combined utilities deal for your company and make sure you get the most out of utilities consultancy, here are some of the features covered by our consultancy services.

1) Sorting out your energy and water tariffs

Our energy consultants will work with you and leading business energy suppliers to ensure you’re on the best and the right energy tariffs for gas, electric and water.

2) Making sure you comply with regulations

Ensuring your business is compliant with energy regulations, legislation and standards should be a priority for your energy consultant (and any energy consultancies). They should ensure you don’t get caught out.

3) Doing your bit for the environment

Is your energy consultant making sure your business is carbon neutral and that you understand what your business carbon footprint is and could be? Making a commitment to reducing your carbon footprint and offsetting it can help reduce energy consumption.

4) Counting your business energy pennies

It’s hard work – and complex – working out whether the invoices from your energy suppliers are correct. Your business utilities consultant should be able to validate your utility bills, fully checking every part and holding your supplier accountable.

5) Reviewing your water consumption

With so much focus on business energy consumption, your business energy consultant shouldn’t forget water consumption. One way they can help your business reduce consumption, eliminate waste and reduce costs is a water audit.

6) Telling you how your energy and water use compares

Effective Commercial energy consultants should be able to benchmark your site’s business energy and water efficiency against other similar businesses. Why does it matter? Because an energy check and water efficiency report tell you what kind of cuts in consumption your business could realistically make.

7) Putting you back in control of utility use

Energy management consultants help you monitor and analyse where you’re using water and energy across your business. With the right monitoring software you can track exactly what you’re using.

8) Giving you an account manager dedicated to you

After a thorough energy consultation, we think an energy consultant should do more than simply help you with utility procurement. To give you the best advice on ways to reduce energy and water use, and save money, they should provide a dedicated account manager to get to know your business.

9) Getting your staff involved in reducing utility waste

Has your utility consulting business mentioned how your employees can be trained in reducing business energy waste? The Carbon Trust estimates that getting them involved can reduce your annual consumption by as much as 20%.

10) Providing a plan to manage energy and water bills

To help you see the bigger picture, your energy consultant should be providing you with a utility management plan to help you minimise costs and enable you to better control energy provision.

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